Tugkaran Restaurant

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About us


Our mission is to provide independent restaurants and local chains with outstanding online ordering services and the ability to use their websites to communicate effectively and effortlessly with their customers. Our menus and services empower those who use them by effortlessly making the Internet an enjoyable tool for better service. Our goal is to be the Tugkaran Online Food Ordering and Reservation wowing our customers with innovation and service.


The Tugkaran is one of the exceptional Filipino cuisine that is being located at Purok Calube, Aurora Zamboanga del Sur. Because of their services and accommodation the Tugkaran restaurant continually serving for more and more costumers. The Tugkaran restaurant is serving in town for almost two years, it is being establish since September 2015 and they currently having eight restaurant hostesses. It is owned and managed by Mrs. Eunice Jomuad Arandid.


We are building a restaurant that creates value by listening to the market and responding to its needs. A restaurant that creates value by listening to one another and supporting one another, a place where we work together to nurture one another in order to grow and become great at what we do. Our menus and services become the leading edge in our field. We are seen as the team that leads the pack, creating interest and excitement with every new release. Our customers prize their relationship with us as we are the ones who take care of them, who get the job done.